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The Thai Scout Movement was founded by King Rama VI (King Vajiravudh) on July 1, 1911. The King established the "Wild Tiger Corps" for adults and created a junior branch, which continued today as the Boy Scouts. King Rama VI is fondly remembered as the "Father of Thai Scouting". Apart from being the only country in the world where Scouting was founded by the King directly, Thailand has been recognized in 1922 as one of Founder member countries in the world.

Since then, Scouting appeaIs to the people of Thailand and receives strong support from the RoyaI family and the government which has facilitated the steady growth and development of the organization. Under the present monarch of King Rama IX (King Bhumibol), Thai Scouting has flourished and developed as far as that of other member countries and the King himself, is Chief Scout and Patron of Thai Scouting.

Scouting in Thailand is unique in that it is part of the school curriculum. Scouting is part of the normal school program. One day each week, students wear their Scout uniforms to school. They have inspection in the morning and after that, they meet as a pack or troop or as a year group where they learn about Scouting from books and practical activities. They work towards proficiency badges, learn knot tying, play games and sing songs. Because Scouting is part of the school course work, they have to sit for exams at the end of the term.

The fundamental principles are- adherence to spiritual values, loyalty to country promotion of world brotherhood, helping others, the practice of the Scout oath and law, voluntary participation in community service and various program activities. These fundamentals-can be best met through the use of the patrol method and the advancement and proficiency badge scheme.

The National Council manages twelve local councils and Bangkok Council, which have been placed in seventy-three provinces for the purpose of administrative division. The council implements the policy of the National Council through its administrative districts to the individual unit.

Thai Scouting is open to boys and girls of all religious, but most are Buddhist as is the majority of Thailand's population. There are now 4 sections of Scouting: Cub Scouts, Scouts, Senior Scouts and Rover. From 4 Sections, Scouts can be further divided into Sea Scouts and Air Scouts which, are supported by the Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Thai Air Force, both in training and other activities where specialized knowledge is necessary

Scout training takes place at both primary and secondary school levels as well as the university and technical colleges. In addition, there are special training courses for all Scouts and for members of general population interested in Scouting activities.

Thai Scouts come from all regions of the country and participate in a variety of training activities during the year. They are concerned mainly with national development and public services which include cleaning up public areas, first aid, traffic control, disaster-relief, summer public services and particularly the environmental and natural conservation.

All these activities are adapted to the challenge of change and aimed at a strong sense of services according to Scouting Fundamentals, to develop individual physical fitness and a good moral mind so that Scouts become good citizens who can take responsibility for themselves and their society.

Program Sections:

Cub Scouts- ages 8 to 11

Scouts- ages 11 to 16

Senior Scouts- ages 14 to 18

Rovers- ages 16 to 25

Sections in Thai Scouting are divided according to grade in school rather that by age. The above section age divisions represent the majority of members in each section.


On my honor I promise that I will be loyal to the Nation, the Religion and the King; To help other people at all times; And to obey the Scout Law.


    1. A Scout's honor is to be trusted.
    2. A Scout is loyal to his Nation, his Religion, his King and is faithful to his benefactors.
    3. A Scout's duty is to be useful and to help others.
    4. A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout in the world.
    5. A Scout is courteous.
    6. A Scout is kind to animals.
    7. A Scout is respectfully obeys the orders of his parents and his superiors.
    8. A Scout is very cheerful and is not afraid of troubles.
    9. A Scout is thrifty.
    10. A Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.


Better to die than lie.

Thailand will host the 20th World Jamboree in 2002-2003. An unofficial website has been created to provide information until the National HQ creates a World Jamboree web site. The address is:

This information was obtained from WOSM reports and from the "Thai Scouts web page" listed above.

If you have additional information, please send it to me at:

Last updated on September 7, 1999