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Scouting came to Indonesia in 1912, as a branch of the Netherlands Scout Movement. It was called the Nederland Indische Padvinders Vereeniging (Netherlands Indies Scout Movement). Other Scouting organizations were established by the Indonesia Scouts in 1916. Indonesia has been a member of the World Organization(WOSM) since 1953.

Gerakan Pramuka is one of the largest Scout Associations in the world and has developed rapidly over the years. It is open to all young people of all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds. In 1998, there were 9,896,357 members in the Scout Association.

When Indonesia became an independent country, there were more than 60 separate Boy Scout and Girl Guide organizations. Most were directly affiliated with some certain political parties or social groups. Attempts were made to unify all Scout organizations into one. This resulted in the establishment of one and only one Scout Movement in Indonesia called "Gerakan Pramuka". In May of 1961, the President of Indonesia signed a regulation making Gerakan Pramuka the official Scout organization in Indonesia.

The Indonesia Scout Movement incorporates both boys and girls. It is an educational movement through Scouting activities, the education being directed toward a new, just, peaceful and prosperous Indonesian community based on the National ideology. Activities of the boys and girls are conducted separately from one another. They have joint activities whenever possible and necessary. Management of the Scout Movement is carried out by the National Headquarters.

Education for young members is carried out through activities to achieve General Skil Requirements (GSR) and Special Skill Requirements (SSR)(merit badge system) towards achieving GARUDA SCOUT.

To achieve the goals of Scouting, activities are carried out on the group and national level. Routine activities are focused on the development of character, patriotism, physical fitness, skill and intelligence of the Scouts themselves which are very important for their future life. Activities of the special troops are organized in order to develop specific personal interest and talent and enable them to serve the community with the knowledge, ability and skill he/she have learned.

The Scouts take an active part in community development service projects. They take an active part in combating literacy. The success of the campaign against literacy in one province, gained the Scouts worldwide recognition and won them a UNESCO award.

The Scouts also participate in the drive to improve health and nutrition in the community, especially children under 5 years of age. Acting as extension workers, they practice how to raise cattle, fish, breed hens and grow vegetables.

Program Sections:

  Cub/Brownie section- ages 7 to 10

  Scout/Girl Scout section- 11 to 15

  Rover/Ranger section- 16 to 20

  Senior Rover/Ranger section- 21 to 25

Scout Motto :

Be Prepared

Scout Oath:

On my honour I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people at all times and to obey the Scout Law.

Scout Law:

 Taqwa kepada tuhan maha esa

 Cinta alam dan kasih sayang sesama manusia

 Patriot yang sopan dan ksatria

 Patuh dan suka bermusyawarah

 Rela monolong dan tabah

 Rajin trampil dan gembira

 Hemat cermat dan bersahaja

 Disiplin berani dan setia

 Bertanggung jawab dan dapat dipercaya

 Suci dalam pikiran, perkataan dan perbuatan


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