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Scouting was officially founded in India in 1909, shortly after its founding in the United Kingdom. Scouting first started at the Bishop Cottonís Boys School in Bangalore. In 1916, a Cub section was started, followed by the Rover section in 1918. Scouting for native Indians was started by V.V.N.Bose, Madanmohan Malvia, Hridyanath Kunju, Dr.Annie Beasant and G.S.Arundale, in 1913. Prior to this date, Scouting was only for British and foreign Scouts.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides was officially formed on November 7, 1950 and Scout activities began on August 18,1951. Prior to the Bharat Scouts and Guides, there were several Scout Associations operating in India. In 1909, Indians were not permitted to join Scouting. Only the British were allowed to be Scouts. They started a Scout organization named, "the Boy Scouts of India". Later, Indians were given permission to start Scouting. They formed an organization of their own named, "Hindustan Scouts". The Girl Guides had an organization of their own named, "Girl Guides of India."

After Indiaís independence, The Bharat Scouts and Guides was formed. The Bharat Scouts and Guides became a member of the World Bureau (WOSM) in 1938.

There are 1,591,083 registered members as of 1998, in all sections.

Scouting is the most important youth movement in India due to its traditional and abiding values.

Scout and Guide units are separate although they have some coeducational activities such as Jamborees, rallies, and conferences. Handicapped boys and girls also participate in the Scouting program.

The United Nations selected the Bharat Scouts and Guides as honorary "Peace Messengers" for their significant and concrete contributions to the International Year of Peace.

Program Sections:

 Cubs- ages 6 to 10

 Scouts- ages 10 to 18

 Rovers- ages 16 to 25


Cubs- Koshish Karo/ Do your best

Scouts- Taiyar/ Be Prepared

Rovers- Seva / Service

Scout Oath:

Main maryada purvak pratigya Karti hoon ki yathashakti Ishwar Aur apne desh ke prati apne

Kartavya ka palan karungi. Sada dusron ki sahayata karungi. Scout Niyamon ka palan karungi.

   On my honour, I promise that I will do my best;

To do my duty to God and my country;

To help other people at all times; To obey the Scout Law.

Scout Law:

1- Scout ka wachan wishvasaneeya hota hai

2- Scout vafadar hoti hai.

3- Scout ka kartavya hai ki wah Ishwar, ka samman, apne Desh ki sahayata kare

4- Scout sab ki mitra hoti hai aur pratyek doosri Scout ki behan hoti hai chche vah kisee bkee Desh , Jati aur Dharma ki ho.

5- Scout vinamra hoti hai

6- Scout pashu pakshi ki mitra hoti hai.

7- Scout anushaasansheel aur agyakari hoti hai.

8-Scout veer hoti hai aur appatti men prassannachitta rehti hai.

9-Scout mitauyayi hoti hai.

10-Scout man, vachan aur karma se shuddha hoti hai.


1-A Scoutís honour is to be trusted.

2-A Scout is loyal.

3-A Scoutís duty is to revere God, serve his country and help others.

4-A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout no matter to what country, class or creed the other may


5-A Scout is courteous.

6-A Scout is friendly to animals and loves nature.

7-A Scout is disciplined and obeys orders.
8-A Scout is brave and smiles under all difficulties.
9-A Scout is thrifty.
10-A Scout is pure in thought, word and deed.


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